Jan 042012

I had saved this photo because it was simply awesome! I found it online and I am not sure where. I will gladly credit it should I find where it came from (Yes, I did try to “magnify” the writing but it didn’t work). Please feel free to email me if you know the source. I love this photo for many reasons – the styling is great and the clothes are too – always a winning combination:) I am totally inspired by it and I will keep you updated on what results this yields…Check back soon. I would love to try the hair for work tomorrow but unfortunately it super cold here and instead I will wear my “hat hair” to work tomorrow. I love the eye make up too – some “sweet” hybrid of smokey eye and 60’s  cat eye but with a futuristic glossy finish going on. I will work on deciphering this and will share, of course:) When it comes to the clothing – I will only be stating the obvious but…two plaids together could look smoking hot! I love the mix of monochromatic classic plaid with some more vibrant but still sort of classic one…It’s menswear at it’s best! Hope it inspires you to rock this look!

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  One Response to “I PLAIDge!!!”

  1. This is inspiring for sure. I would love to know where this is from. A shame that is not easy to find. If nothing else it is just a little more for our styling arsenal. I cannot even pick a favorite. All are beautiful.

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