Jan 072012

I am so excited that finally neoprene is available on the market in various options! My inspiration was this image of Vanessa Paradis for Miu Miu. This image is rather old (Fall 2008) but it comes to show you that good design doesn’t really get old so fast:) I think technically the material used in this ad was some fancy kind of ponte knit but it very much has the look and appeal of neoprene. It’s such a great interpretation as it is very wearable. Of course, faking it with an actual scuba top is always an option but mixing those performance pieces with your regular clothing often gives off the vibe that you got drunk at a pool party the night before and couldn’t find your top so you had to get creative:) So I am happy neoprene is within reach these days  in the form of fashion items and I don’t have to make my own.  But may be I will…we’ll see…In the meantime, I have found some pretty sweet options and some of them are actually at affordable prices. What I love about it is that it gives this smooth molded look, which is very helpful for smoothing curves and it’s futuristic but in a familiar non-scary way. It is super comfortable too, which is not always the case with hot clothing. Besides, it gives off this Superwoman vibe, which I don’t mind… Neoprene makes for some pretty great footwear too! I would probably go for a dress as it’s easy to style or may be a pencil skirt with sharp cropped blazer and heels. A coat in neoprene looks very modern and smart. My advice will be to stick to one piece at a time:) I can’t wait to hear your opinion on this – would you go for it? How would you wear it? May be you already own some pieces?

1. ASOS BLACK Neoprene Laser Cut Body-Conscious Dress

2. ASOS Body In Neoprene With Backless Detail

3. Pierre Hardy Neoprene and Patent-leather Sandals

4. ASOS Premium Neoprene Parka

5. ASOS WHITE Neoprene Coat

6. Jimmy Choo Denton Neoprene Peep toe Sandals

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