Mar 012012
March 1st...Chestita Baba Marta!!!

As a Bulgarian, Baba Marta has to be one of my favorite Bulgarian traditions so I figured to try to popularize it:)  Here is the Intel – every year on march 1st Bulgarian people wish each other good health and exchange red and white yarn adornments that (to my knowledge) symbolize good health and also […]

Feb 272012
I got the blues...Essie in Lapiz of Luxury

No, not really:) I have been looking for something new and exciting to put on or do to my nails. Although the market seems full of all sorts of new stuff for nails, I couldn’t find anything that was really calling my name. That’s when I decided to go to one of my favorites – […]

Feb 242012

This happens to be one of my favorite vintage catalogs. It is Neckermann Fall/Winter 1972/1973. I love it not only because it was my grandma’s but also because it has awesome clothes in it and I find it very inspiring. Hope you guys like it too! I think with some styling tweaks many of those […]

Feb 062012
Amazed!  Hattie Rickards Jewelry

I found out about Hattie Rickards jewelry last year when a friend of mine saw a photo of one of her rings online and said “OMG…I saw this amazing ring – totally you!”  Boy…was he right!!! I went on Hattie’s website that day and  I haven’t been able to stop thinking about those rings ever since. I […]

Jan 292012
Spring Craze: Isabel Marant Knits

The Fall 2012 shows are about to “rain” on us in the next few weeks so I felt the need to highlight some goodness from the S/S 2012 shows so they won’t be forgotten. One of my personal favorites from Spring was Isabel Marant’s collection (surprise, surprise:). The denim, the tees, the filet lace and […]

Jan 172012

I came across this brand’s look book. They are called iBlues and they perfectly capture what I want to wear right now… I love their clothes but I also find the styling rather excellent and just look at that make-up! So I felt I must share this with you:) Unfortunately, I couldn’t find much about […]

Jan 152012

I was at the airport recently and I saw some crews of perfectly uniformed flight attendants. I’ve always had an affinity for how perfectly dolled up those women looked. My sister was a flight attendant years ago and she always looked dynamite going to work – perfectly fitted clothes, impeccable hair and amazing make-up. So as I […]

Jan 072012
SHOPPING: Give me some Neoprene!

I am so excited that finally neoprene is available on the market in various options! My inspiration was this image of Vanessa Paradis for Miu Miu. This image is rather old (Fall 2008) but it comes to show you that good design doesn’t really get old so fast:) I think technically the material used in […]

Jan 042012
I PLAIDge!!!

I had saved this photo because it was simply awesome! I found it online and I am not sure where. I will gladly credit it should I find where it came from (Yes, I did try to “magnify” the writing but it didn’t work). Please feel free to email me if you know the source. I love […]

Jan 022012
SHOPPING: Bad Ass Varsity Jacket

As my almost two week long vacation is drawing to an end, I catch myself wanting to wear mostly jeans, super hot “wear with heeled boots” sports pants and some other clothing articles not normally suitable for the corporate world. I guess that’s normal as I am only allowed to wear jeans on Fridays and […]

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