Mar 262012

I was in a desperate need of inspiration for Spring.  No, not to design but to dress:) So one night recently I started watching The Thomas Crown Affair from 1968. It was Faye Dunaway that captivated me.  As a fan of the 1999 version of the movie with Pierce Brosnan and Rene Russo I always thought that the older version would be rather similar but…boy, was I wrong! The movie was different and very entertaining and Faye is rocking some serious outfits in it! I am showing you my favorites here. I like how Faye manages to look impeccable and lady-like but still maintain some sexy, “rebel-girl” vibe! Some of my favorite images are the ones that have the graffiti background – such “sweet” contrast! And that hair and make-up – amazing!!! What do you guys think? Do you share my fascination?




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  One Response to “Faye Dunway, Thomas Crown Affair 1968”

  1. Very beautiful and inspirational – Faye, that is 🙂 I am amazed how many of these outfits are fashionable even today. I personally got to have the polka dot shirt and the awesome light pink (?) dress with the buttons on the side….Love it.

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