May 132012

I have always loved various Japanese products throughout my life (Hello Kitty, anyone?!) but lately I catch myself more and more fascinated with various Japanese fabrics, art, figurines, you name it. Below are a few photos of my recent favorites. There will be more on the subject of Japan in upcoming posts – I promise. So a little bit on the items in the photos:
DHC White Sunscreen – really good; I got it at and was happy with the service; It is amazing to me how hard it was to find a sunscreen with decent coverage that’s not tested on animals and that has no benzones (those are not good for you);
DHC Sunscreen Body – same story but for your body;
* On a personal note – I just want to remind everyone to use their sunscreen as the consequences are not worth skipping it!
The beautiful coral color in the photo is my new kimono, which is actually vintage. Hope you guys are able to see the dimension and true beauty of this silk as it is incredible. There is so much fabric on the market but such silk is impossible to find. I was lucky enough to score this from FurugiStar. Stephanie from FurugiStar has the most amazing selection of Boro fabrics (there will be another post on that), Kimonos and other gorgeous Japanese vintage treasures. She also has couple very interesting blogs on various Japanese topics. You can check them out here and here.

The floral material that you see in the photo are kimono sleeves I bought from FurugiStar as well. The silk is gorgeous, the material has dimensional relief and the print is so gentle and beautiful. I am thinking I will be making something interior-related from those – pillows or wall hangings…we’ll see. Of course, I will keep you posted:)

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  2 Responses to “My New Japanese Stuff…”

  1. The Japanese style is really beautiful, however very difficult (in my opinion) to wear on a day-to-day basis..Do you have any tips? Thank you.

    • I would recommend may be investing in a Japanese print blouse or an easy kimono sleeve tee and wearing it as you would normally wear a printed top or your favorite tee. Personally, I am thinking about cutting the coral kimono short and wearing it over skinny jeans and a drapey tee with some heels or my new flatforms:) (I’ll try to post those soon). The key is to avoid being too literal with it.

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