Mar 062012

Those of you that follow this blog know that I have somewhat of an obsession with Hattie Rickards‘ work (check my previous post here) and she didn’t fail to amaze yet again! During London Fashion Week she premiered The Strata. The ring is absolutely gorgeous but as with most of Hattie’s work – there is more than meets the eye. A fantastic complement to all the deco-graphic clothing out there, The Strata is made of recycled silver and 18ct gold plating.  The color is enamel and it could be customized to your preferences. I personally love the neon brights Hattie chose – very modern and fun! The designer’s inspiration for this beauty was “connection”, the thought of “bridging a gap” to make a connection… About The Strata Hattie said “I wanted to create a ring that was bold yet elegant and sophisticated and feel that Strata shows this as well as being true to the HRJ brand.” Well…Hattie, you have outdone yourself yet again – The Strata is amazing!



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  One Response to “Hattie Rickards does it again…with The Strata Ring”

  1. Amazing work!
    Something about this particular art deco style of this ring really reminds me of “Empire State of Mind”. Lots of things around NY follow the same step down block design to emulate the building..
    Especially since the building is lit in colored lights that change regularly.

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