Sep 262012

In a desperate attempt to seize the last days of summer I decided to try on my treasured pink polka dot nail stickers from Sally Hansen. Their official name is Sally Hansen Salon Effects in Pink-A-Dot.  Those of you that read my previous polka dot nail post (here) know that I looked for those pink large dots everywhere with no luck until… I finally found them in a random CVS, on a shelf where they did not belong (Thank you to the shopper that changed their mind and left them for me:) I love these and I really recommend that Sally Hansen add that design to their permanent collection. Oh, and add other colors too. I still don’t understand why the black and white dots and these pink dots are both limited addition!?!…Hope you guys like them!


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  2 Responses to “Sally Hansen Pink Polka Dot Nails”

  1. yay…youre back! these are adorable. you have any #fallfashiontips?

  2. Love the polka dots!!!

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