Jan 292013
Hattie Rickards + Turquoise Mountain

Happy New Year, everyone! I wanted to start this year with a post about one of my favorites. Those of you that follow this blog know that I am a big Hattie Rickards fan. You can check my previous posts on the talented jewelry designer here and here. I love Hattie’s work not only because […]

Oct 092012
What's up for Fall! 2012

If you are wondering how to refresh your fall wardrobe without spending a whole lot or buying lots of new stuff, below are some items I’m loving that can work with many of the staples you bought last year.  My favorite part about these clothes and shoes is that they can be worn as a […]

Sep 262012
Sally Hansen Pink Polka Dot Nails

In a desperate attempt to seize the last days of summer I decided to try on my treasured pink polka dot nail stickers from Sally Hansen. Their official name is Sally Hansen Salon Effects in Pink-A-Dot.  Those of you that read my previous polka dot nail post (here) know that I looked for those pink […]

Aug 222012
August Must-Have Beauty Products

In this post I’d like to share some amazing products I came across recently as well as some I’ve used for a while.  I really believe in spreading the word when I find something I truly believe in.  It’s getting harder and harder to find products with good ingredients, products that won’t harm the environment and future […]

Jun 172012
Breaking stereotypes...Ilvy Jacobs' Bags

We are so used to stereotyping and generalizing things and people, that certain concepts are forever labeled and positioned in a certain way in our minds. A “paper bag” is generally considered lightweight, temporary, inexpensive, often crumpled, utilitarian and recyclable (but often not recycled)…And all of a sudden here comes Ilvy Jacobs who can make even a […]

May 132012
My New Japanese Stuff...

I have always loved various Japanese products throughout my life (Hello Kitty, anyone?!) but lately I catch myself more and more fascinated with various Japanese fabrics, art, figurines, you name it. Below are a few photos of my recent favorites. There will be more on the subject of Japan in upcoming posts – I promise. So a little bit […]

Apr 302012
Siwy Denim

I’ve come across Siwy Denim previously in publications but I didn’t pay that much attention to it.  As I was searching for some inspiration in order to show to you guys  my current obsession with bleached denim, I came across Siwy Denim‘s site. And then we had a “moment”:)  Based on their aesthetic I first […]

Apr 022012
Polka Dot Nails by Sally Hansen

I have been eyeballing these Sally Hansen Salon Effects nail stickers in the store for some time now. I bought a “bargain” brand last year, which didn’t work so I just thought I didn’t possess the supreme nail talents needed for this type of awesome DIY nail art:) So after a friend told me (again […]

Mar 262012
Faye Dunway, Thomas Crown Affair 1968

I was in a desperate need of inspiration for Spring.  No, not to design but to dress:) So one night recently I started watching The Thomas Crown Affair from 1968. It was Faye Dunaway that captivated me.  As a fan of the 1999 version of the movie with Pierce Brosnan and Rene Russo I always […]

Mar 062012
Hattie Rickards does it again...with The Strata Ring

Those of you that follow this blog know that I have somewhat of an obsession with Hattie Rickards‘ work (check my previous post here) and she didn’t fail to amaze yet again! During London Fashion Week she premiered The Strata. The ring is absolutely gorgeous but as with most of Hattie’s work – there is […]

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