Feb 062012

I found out about Hattie Rickards jewelry last year when a friend of mine saw a photo of one of her rings online and said “OMG…I saw this amazing ring – totally you!”  Boy…was he right!!! I went on Hattie’s website that day and  I haven’t been able to stop thinking about those rings ever since. I truly believe that Hattie possesses this one of a kind talent that doesn’t come around often. Not only is her jewelry incredible in design (did I mention some of the pieces have movement!) but it epitomizes modernity in the most awesome way – sustainability  in 18ct ethical gold and precious stones.  The design of Hattie Rickards jewelry is no doubt a stand out, one of those few and far between. The fact that the designer chooses sustainable materials and uses her talent to help the less fortunate is “the cherry on top”. Although, I am sure you will agree, that it’s hard to pick a favorite, I am absolutely mesmerized by the raw black diamond rings.

What’s next for this incredible talent? She is now working on an enamel piece to be launched during London Fashion Week (can’t wait to see it!). Currently, you can buy Hattie Rickards jewelry only in London but this fall she will be designing a collection to be globally distributed for Turquoise Mountain (organization in support of Afgani crafts and that is the short version, so please visit their site for more).

For those of us on a budget Hattie Rickards also designs a line for Made (check it here) and her second collection for the fair-trade retailer will be available this April.


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  1. E-E_e,mnogo strahotni-kosmi4eski,futoristi4ni!!!

  2. Amazing! Beautiful! Vibrant!

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