Jan 172012

I came across this brand’s look book. They are called iBlues and they perfectly capture what I want to wear right now… I love their clothes but I also find the styling rather excellent and just look at that make-up! So I felt I must share this with you:) Unfortunately, I couldn’t find much about the retailer. I know they are Italian and owned by Max Mara and I haven’t met anything that had anything to do with Max Mara I didn’t like…I don’t even know whether I can afford them. So if you know, please do tell…In the meantime, here is what I like about this: For starters, I love black and white combinations, which don’t read too old or boring – I think those iBlues  looks are very young and modern. The denim styling is plain sweet and this is not the first time I see “a denim shirt over printed shirt” look but, boy, these people inspire me to actually try it. And please pay attention to the patched skinny jean… Last but not least – love how richly those neutrals look and that fine knit…Did I mention the make-up!?

To see the whole look book click here.

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  1. love this line!

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