Jan 022012

As my almost two week long vacation is drawing to an end, I catch myself wanting to wear mostly jeans, super hot “wear with heeled boots” sports pants and some other clothing articles not normally suitable for the corporate world. I guess that’s normal as I am only allowed to wear jeans on Fridays and I know some companies don’t allow them at all. So it’s not a surprise that I was drawn to this image of a “bad” schoolgirl in her varsity jacket as I loved the styling and it felt like something I can pull of at work (Intermission magazine; photo: Patrik Sehlstedt; model: Marloes Horst; Styling: Brian Molloy).  Those jackets have been everywhere and I felt obliterated with them by publications before I was even able to buy one. I usually give up on a trend when it gets so much exposure as it looses it’s appeal but I seem to still be liking the varsity jacket so I’m getting one. Most people and magazines have been styling it with jeans and tees, which is ok but quite obvious also.  I love the styling on the photo so I think I will go for similar look…I love that the outfit contains pieces that you might already own.  I will try it two ways – 1) with mini flared or A-line dress, opaque tights and cute loafers and 2) with fitted sheath dress, tights and classic pumps. I think the turtleneck is a must in both looks – it adds modernity and dimension, just make sure you get a thin or sheer fitted one.  Here are some similar pieces I found online, which are also more affordable than that Prada dress in the photo…How would you guys wear this?

1. ASHLEY Fleece Women’s Varsity Jacket

2. Oasis Tailored Dress with Contrast Trim

3. See by Chloe Wool Varsity Jacket

4. ASOS Fit and Flare Dress with Contrast Button Detail

5. ASHLEY Fleece Women’s Varsity Jacket

6. Vince Sheer Turtleneck

7. ASOS Body-Conscious Dress in Dogtooth Print

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  1. Option 4 is so cheerleader with football player boyfriend! Haha, I personally like option 6 – very comfy looking!

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