Dec 312011
New Years Eve Nails! Essie meets Sally Hansen...again!

I went to Walgreens for some household stuff and this Essie nail polish stopped me dead in my tracks ( I know, I know…). It screamed “Happy New Year!” so I bought it with the idea to try to achieve this uber shiny “disco balls on my hands” effect and I think I’ve succeeded. I […]

Dec 292011
Inspiration: Santa Fe Native American Quilt

I received this quilt today and I am ecstatic about it. It is so beautiful and I truly appreciate the craftsmanship and work that went into it.  It was my aunt in-law Katie’s and I always admired it when I visited her house so you can imagine the excitement when I opened a mail box today and […]

Dec 272011
Foulard prints

So I am shopping for some Foulard prints these days.  All of you know the print but may be not the name.  Foulard is that small graphic pattern you find often on men’s neckties and some scarves.  It feels very classic to me but it has a certain feminine quality to it.  I think I […]

Dec 262011
When God gives you some really cool shit

I know it’s the middle of winter and most of my fellow designers are hard at work on their Fall collections.  After all, there is only a little over a month left until Fashion Week starts. However, my mind is wondering more and more towards some carefree warm weather topics like resort. To be more […]

Dec 262011
Holiday Nails: Essie meets Sally Hansen

I love doing my nails and I am sure a lot of you do too.  I don’t claim to be some kind of nail prodigy but when I come up with something good, it just excites me (oh, how little a girl needs:).  I was on the market for dimensional teal nails (oh, let’s confess – […]

Dec 252011
Merry Christmas! Holiday Outfit: The Guest...

Merry Christmas again!  These sketches represent some last minute outfit ideas if you are The Guest at the party.  The first one is based on the concept that you would be using you boring and loyal LBD (because that hot dress you ordered on line didn’t look right and you need a plan B).  The […]

Dec 252011
Merry Christmas!  Holiday Outfit: The Hostess...

Merry Christmas and Best Wishes to all!  I fell a bit under the weather yesterday so this post comes “later better than never:)”.  I did some quick sketches showing quick and unpretentious outfits if you are The Hostess and utilizing clothing you might already have in your wardrobe – a pleated maxi skirt in chiffon […]

Dec 222011
Inspired: Sportmax S/S 2012 Iridescence

I have always been fascinated with the multi-color effects car oil creates when it spills on a rainy asphalt…I know – sooo romantic!  Anyway, I doubt that’s what the designers at Sportmax had in mind when creating their Spring/Summer 2012 Collection, however their iridescent sweaters and shoes reminded me of exactly that.  I want them […]

Dec 112011
Vision in Neon

So I have a light obsession with this image…It is so strikingly beautiful.  It’s from Grazia, Italy. The model is Lejla Hodzic. The photography is by Zoltan Tombor and styling is by Nadya Khamneipur.  I don’t have the guts to wear any of those pieces but somehow it gets my fantasy going.  I love how […]

Dec 112011
Versace Madness

With all the Versace craze going around these days I felt the need to put my “2 cents” in.  Some years back the brand was kind of looked at as tacky or just too gold 🙂  but these days some new-found appreciation is going around, which is making me very happy.  On that note I […]

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